The all-in-one delivery platform for businesses with delivery vehicles

Everything you need to manage your delivery process digitally from start-to-end.

Streamline operations

Every account comes with a dedicated operator, driver, and customer platform to automate the user workflow. Operators plan, dispatch, and manage all deliveries. Drivers manage their allocated deliveries on-route. Customers utilise a self-service portal to assist themselves.

A better way to manage delivery orders

Move from paper and manually intensive process of managing orders for delivery

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The Old - Paper


The New

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Upload Batch orders with a spreadsheet

Capture your orders on a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet to easily upload multiple orders at once – simplifying the order capture process.

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Download proof of delivery docs to PDF

Operators and customers download proof of delivery documents in PDF for orders that have been completed. Proof of delivery documents digitally capture delivery details, the receiver’s electronic signature, and photos.

Improve fleet-wide efficiency

Companies that work in Signific see logistics performance improvements.


Increase in Fleet utilisation


Reduction in Fleet mileage


Route planning and optimisation done in seconds

No matter the size of your fleet or the number of orders, we help you plan and optimise your delivery routes. The integrated route optimisation engine considers time, location, capacity, and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions.

Improve your driver's productivity

Download the driver app on any Android smartphone to enable drivers to receive delivery orders and navigation.

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Bring visibility into your delivery operations

Get real-time driver tracking. Provide live driver locations with accurate ETA’s in a beautiful and responsive web tracking experience. Track with a mobile smartphone only – no other hardware required.

Delight customers and upgrade your service

Automatic SMS notifications, real-time order tracking, proof-of-delivery, and feedback collection tools ensure every delivery is a delightful experience.

Enterprise-grade software

Best-in-class APIs, third-party application integration, platform reliability, stability, and security make Signific the clear choice for businesses of any size.

Make smarter decisions

Continuously improve performance with an intelligent platform that utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to optimise delivery operations.